About Us

The saying “ necessity is the mother of invention “ rings true with the Bag Hoop. Invented by Wayne Robbins and Joe Beane of Robbins Beane Inc.

Designed to be lightweight, totally portable and durable, the Bag Hoop keeps the mouth of any size trash bag open while picking up litter and trash. Time is money and the Bag Hoop can save up to 50% of the time it takes to remove litter.

Leaves can be raked into a trash bag with little effort with the Bag Hoop.

We are members of Asheboro Randolph Chamber of Commerce.

Dealer inquires are welcome.

Discounts are given to Cities and Schools, or any government agency. Call for Details.

Wayne is a former grounds keeper at Eastern Randolph High School in Ramseur, NC. Joe is retired from C P & L which is now Duke Energy Progress.

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Phone 336-953-5919

E-mail sales@baghoop.com


We recently purchased 10 Bag Hoops for use in our division at the N.C. Zoo. We are very pleased with them. I use one almost every day in the park since we have a lot of small pieces of trash to pick up. It works great in all our areas. When using one of our trail carts they can be used to keep the bags that we use open and ready for use. They work great on windy days and help in parking areas.

Thanks Wayne for your help.

Clyde Staley; Tram Leader Visitor Services, N. C. Zoo

Leaf bagging has become less of a chore thanks to the new Bag Hoop. All you have to do is hold the hoop against the ground and rake. A two-person job can now be done alone. The Bag Hoop is very helpful too when it is windy. You don’t have to fight to keep a bag open; the hoop does it all.

Tahia Langley